Hello everyone.

This week we were paid a visit by Three Spires, always nice to play against our local rivals. Your pretty much guaranteed a tough game against Three Spires and this week proved no different. Looking at the score cards, at the half way stage it was honours even, however the home advantage proved a bonus for Jaguar in the end.

We fielded five rinks this week and I would like to thank everyone for their continued help by filling up the availability sheet. As I’ve said we had five rinks, and we won 4 of these with 1 loss ( only just), the details are:

Rink 1 skippered by Luke won with a score of 18/13, at 16 ends it was all square then Luke took 7 shots to 2 shots over the closing ends to seal a good win even when you consider Luke was holding a big seven on last end, only for the opposition to steal a point.

Rink 2 skippered by Geoff won with a score of 22/19, after scoring a five/one to get back in the game Jaguar dropped a four. Three ends to go all square 17/17, Geoff scores first taking 5 shots, Three Spires respond with a 2 on the last end . Unfortunately its too late and Geoff and his team get the win.

Rink 3 skippered by Darren won with a score of 23/14, after losing points on the first four ends it looked like a long day at the office. By the ninth end it was back to evens, helped along by a big five on the sixth end. Then the Jaguar team battened down the hatches and dug in, registering 14 shots to 6 in the second half.

Rink 4 skippered by John lost narrowly with a score of 15/17, again halfway through the match honours were equal nothing to separate them. Losing by such a narrow margin isn’t always easy to take, sometimes if going to lose we  would rather it be by more than by a few. I appreciate it wasn’t an easy afternoon for John and his team but I have listened.

Rink 5 skippered by John G won with a score of 20/13, this game looked like a classic on the scorecard with both teams trading blows end after end . At 13 ends it too was honours even, then John G along with his team put the hammer down. John registered 10 shots over 7ends, and limited his opponents to just 3 shots.

Jaguar came strong in the second half of all the matches this week, was it tiredness for our opponents or heat on the day, who knows. Congratulations to Luke as VC he took charge this week and I would like to say Well Done.

As you can see from the above action, the highest winning rink this week goes to Rink 3 Skippered by Darren. Well done to Darren and his team, keep up the good work.

Competition Reminder


I have been asked by both competition secretaries to remind all members who have entered any competitions this year that entry payment must be paid before commencement of games. In other words if you don’t pay upfront you cannot play any matches.

Thank You

On behalf of C.S.s

On the road at last

Our first away game, at last we get to see how the competitions greens have faired over the winter. Also we get to test ourselves on a different green from ours, its great bowling at home but its equally nice to play on other greens.

This week saw a change, we travelled to our local rival (Sphinx), our first away game. Thank you to Captain Carl and all members of Sphinx for a very warm welcome, it was nice to see some familiar faces and some new members at both clubs.  Another fabulously hot day (can’t complain), the game was played in high spirits on what was and has been in the past a tricky green. We had 4 rinks this week, and what a tussle it turned out in the end. This is the first week when the team almost picked itself in a way, we went with what we considered four good rinks. Although Sphinx did put up a strong fight throughout the game, the victory went to the Jaguar,overall score was 86/67 to the Jaguar, first win for our new Captain.

Rink 1 skippered by Luke got the job done with a convincing win(28/11),                    Rink 2 skippered by Geoff fought out a draw (19/19),                                                         Rink 3 skippered by Darren managed a win on the last end (17/15)                                   Rink 4 skippered by Derek managed a high scoring draw also, (22/22).

Rinks 2,3,and 4 were games that could have gone either way towards the end, however Jaguar showed determination and grit over latter stages.  Luke took the highest winning rink this week, Congratulations to Luke and his team on Rink 1.

Thank You to Paul Hitchcock who without complaint or issue played for the Sphinx team this week enabling them to fulfil the four rinks.


Welcome the Grange to Jaguars Home

Yes another home game, they come thick and fast now, one weekend after another. This week we welcomed one of our many foes from Rugby ( Grange), always a tough game and this week proved no different. Foes is used in jest all our opponents are friends and we welcome them all.

Its the first time we’ve had 6 rinks for a while and I must add it was nice to see the green full and being used to its full potential, a throw back to the old days. People of all ages, ability and gender enjoying a game of bowls no matter the outcome.

The game was played in high spirits and everyone enjoyed the game, I beleive. The weather held out, quite warm but not overly sunny. Although the Jaguar won 4 rinks against 2 from the Grange, it was the Grange that came out on top. Congratulations to all the grange players, maybe next time we will get our own back. The score was 127v115, this unfortunately means a loss of 12 points, I think when we average it out over the 6 rinks we lost by just 2 shots per rink, this I believe is a result in many ways. it also keeps the average score over the rinks low and means we are still competitive against our opponents.

As I’ve said the Jaguar club won 4 rinks, any other game this should have been enough to take the overall result, not so today. The highest winning rink went to Darren and his team on rink 5 this week, 30/21. Rinks 6 and 4 secured victory in the last end of their game, tight games on both rinks. Rink 2 secured a 6 shot win, fairly tight game, however it was rinks 1 and 3 where the Grange did the damage convincing wins on both.

Big THANK YOU to the following people :

  • Marsha behind the bar
  • Amy and Val for the teas, Val again for stepping in to help.
  • Pat, Jo and Sally for helping bolster the team to make the rinks.
  • Sally Malcom for playing as I believe it was her first game in a while and it was good to see you back.
  • Not forgetting our green team John, Geoff and others .

If anybody has been left out apologise extended, your efforts are appreciated and thank you.


Another home game

This week turned out completely different to last week, you’d think you was in another country, (Wall to wall sunshine). Having a week off didn’t affect the bowlers too much although unfortunately we did lose, it was close though. At the end it came down to just 9 shots, when we average it out over the rinks it is barely just under 2 shots per rink. Well done everybody and especially I would like to congratulate the new bowlers you put your name down and play that’s all we ask.

What a game as I’ve said, it was played in  good spirit and I would like to think everybody enjoyed themselves, at the end of the day that’s what its all about ENJOYMENT. Meet people you may not have seen all winter, or never meet before and have a great afternoon. Congratulations to Mr Gardner junior and all the players on rink 3, his team managed the highest winning rink. It was good to hear that Highway bowls had found an alternative home after their recent troubles, and would like to thank Captain Peter for fielding a team in what can only be trying times. I am sure we would all wish them continued success in the future.

Big THANK YOU to the ladies for the meal and to Marsha behind the bar.

Second game versus Nuneaton

You wait all winter for a lovely day and a nice game of bowls and look what happens. The heavens seemed to empty all day Friday/Friday night and most of Saturday. Inevitably the game gets cancelled ( probably one of the only games where the captain didn’t have to chase people to play) and it gets cancelled. Saying that it was only to be expected as the last time we played Nuneaton we was rained off half way through.

I appreciate it was disappointing for the players not to play, however our green team      ( you know who you are guys) have done a fantastic job over a rather harsh winter and it was only right to look after the green. Someone a spoke to over that weekend said its the same at the golf club, people moan about not being allowed to play but they enjoy the greens during the summer. This is only possible due to the green team and all their efforts and not only that, the difficult decision it is to call a game off. keep up the good work guys.