Our visit to St Barbaras

This week we visited our friends at St Barbaras, the weather is still on our side. However it would be nice to have a little cooling shower, the game was reduced, with agreement from both Captains, to 18 ends due to the continuing heatwave. Our local rivals have had an issue this last week with their watering system and this was evident by the green condition. Difficult to read and hold the weight doesn’t even begin to explain how the green played.(ice)

The number of ends won this week shows that this was going to be a close game, Jaguar won 45ends and St Barbaras won 45 ends , wow this is tight game. When you consider the green condition ( and we accept it was the same for both sides ) the Jaguar team are probably chuffed with the result. The final score actually came down to the last end of the last rink on the green, the score being Jaguar 83 / St Barbaras 82. To get a win on this green, admittedly by only one shot was a massive feat of achievement and thank you and well done to all involved.

Rink 1 was skippered by John Gardner won 18/17, with 5 ends to go Jaguar was 6 shots up, take nothing for granted in this game, St Barbaras hit back with 8 shots over 3 ends to take the lead at a crucial time in the game. Jaguars No 3 Jenny took the jack into the ditch this enabled Jaguar to take 2 shots on final end and the match.

Rink 2 skippered by Captain Darren won with a score of 20/17, with 3 ends to play Jaguar dropped a 6. Up to this point Jaguar was keeping the scoreboard ticking over then on the 15th end the dreaded 6 this levelled things up and best of 3 ends ensued. St Barbaras struck first with a 2 Jaguar scored a 1 this meant one shot behind last end. Jaguar struck with a 4 on last end, this also meant winning 10ends to 8ends for the Jag. Thanks to all the players on the rink, one end must be a record for with 6 players already bowled there was a grand total of 4 woods on the green ( I use green as a generic term related to bowls)

Rink 3 skippered by John Eyles lost with a score of 12/18, this rink looked like a draw and with 2/3 of the game played there was little in it. The scoring was shared between the two teams over the first 12 ends. However, the 14th end proved decisive Jaguar was hit with a 5 from St Barbaras and this was enough.

Rink 4 skippered by Bill Price won with a score of 20/11 again 2/3 into game all looked even, scoring was shared through this period of play. Although in the last third the ends won were shared also, the only difference was that the Jaguar three ends scored 9 shots against 4 from St Barbaras. This proved enough for Bill to take the highest winning rink this week, well done to all the Jaguar players on Rink 4.

Rink 5 skippered by Ken lost with a score of 13/19, looking at the scorecard this was a struggle, we had to sub a player this didn’t help, but that’s not an excuse. Jaguar scored their first point in the 7th end ( 2/3 into game) remember the tricky green mentioned earlier, by this stage Jaguar was 10/1 down. Jaguar scored a three to get off the mark, but St Barbaras reeled off 8 shots over 4 ends. looking at the card Jaguar tried really hard to catch up, picking up 10 shots over 5 ends to make the score more respectable.

We have already mentioned how difficult the green was today, no fault of St Barbaras, equipment failure is one of those things. When you combine these circumstances with the current weather anomaly and it has a massive affect on the actual playing surface.

I would like to thank Val Gardner for her assistance in collecting the match fees before the game. With the support of the committee, I personally can’t see any reason why this system can’t continue.

Thank you to all the ladies who put their names down for this game, it was a little uncomfortable at the last mixed game when the opposition ask where are all the ladies for a mixed game.





Please be aware the closing dates for any competition rounds, if these dates are not adhered to it as an affect on the next round. We appreciate your cooperation and also understand about holidays and illness. Also there are a few members who have still to pay their entry fee, the competition secretary has asked for some assistance from website.


This years mens gala is fast approaching and we are still in need of prizes. If anybody can help with a small donation that would be most gratefully accepted. Also we need volunteers on the day various jobs need to be done to make this a success, car park attendant(arrival and departure), scorecards/ board, setup and clearing rinks, timekeepers, raffle. Please if you can help just a few hours, if we can share the tasks (not jobs) then that would help also.

This years ladies gala will soon be upon us also (time flies) we would like to ask politely for any donations to the gala raffle. Wine, chocolates etc all very welcome. Same applies as above regarding volunteers on the day the tasks (not jobs) are still pertinent.

Please if you can help it would be appreciated.


We hosted Sphinx this week.

This week was always going to be difficult, events earlier in the week and our tough dogged opponents. Thank you to all the members from Sphinx and Jaguar for their support at this time, bowls doesn’t really matter at these times, however, we as a club owe it to the memory of our passed friends to continue the best we can. Thank you to Captain Carl for visiting our club on such a lovely sunny day. The weather has been on our side all year so far, there must be a storm brewing soon, it doesn’t feel right. That’s right we haven’t actually played Nuneaton yet due to one bad day.

Carrying on our stats the ends won this week was actually really close 54ends to Jaguar and 51ends to Sphinx . The closeness of this stat would normally suggest that the score would be close. The overall score at the end of the game was 115/82 to the Jaguar Club. Our winning margin away was 19 shots and the return leg at home the margin was 33 shots, this we should expect as the bigger margin is on home tuff (green). Of course what this also means is that we have done the double on Sphinx this year, although they did put up a great fight. Well done to all those members who played home and away, thank you for all your efforts.

Rink 1 skippered by VC Luke won with a score of 28/12, posting a good winning margin would it be enough. Looking at the scorecard things looked fairly equal with 5 ends left in the game. Luke team then produced consistent scoring to stop the Sphinx team, racking up 14 shots over the close. Well done

Rink 2 skippered by Derek lost with a score of 12/22, the scorecard suggests a tough game, made all the more so when playing against one of our own. We had to lend one of our players to Sphinx and sometimes it bites you on the butt. Its only fair to the players we are actually able to lend that we rotate them.

Rink 3 skippered by Captain Darren won with a score 28/10, we all knew there was a win in there. I would like to thank Ken for his support on Saturday especially the  emotional side, the words and the arm on my shoulder helped a lot. The game, well 10ends in Jaguar had won 9/2 the only thing missing was a big score and they got that on the 12end a 6. On the card this game never looked in danger, however, after the 6 jaguar lost 5 shots over 4ends. But there was nothing to worry about as the jaguar rink scored 9 over last 3 ends .

Rink 4 skippered by John Eyles won with a score of 26/12, around 12 ends there wasn’t a lot in this game scoring was shared evenly between the teams. But whether Sphinx collapsed or Jaguar just asserted themselves, what a difference. The last 9 ends Sphinx won 1 shot, Jaguar amassed 19 shots. What a performance well done to John and his team.

Rink 5 skippered by John Brown lost 21/26 the scorecard shows this was a game of two halves. The score in these halves was fairly equal but Sphinx just edged it. The first half won by Jaguar scoring 18/8, Sphinx won second half 18/3, by end 18 Sphinx had got it back all square. Now it was best of 3 ends and Sphinx took it 2/1. Skips always joke about being stuck on dreaded 13 shots, but this week Jaguar just couldn’t get off 20.

From the above details it can be seen that not only did the Captain win but he took the highest winning rink prize. You can also see the highest winning rink fight was really close this week and this could have gone to anyone of the three winning rinks.

I’ve neglected to Thank the two people who help every home game to set the rinks up, without their help and support lets just say it would make the weekends in general harder. BIG THANK YOU to PAUL HITCHCOCK and DAFYDD PRITCHARD.

Thank you to all members for their contribution to the new system for match fee collection,(payment on arrival to Capt/VCapt), it is felt by the Captaincy that the system, although in its infancy is working well. Some will bemoan the system because its different or not the norm, but generally change can be good if given the chance.

Thank you to the AMY, SHIRLEY, PAT and MARILYN for the tea                                     Thank you to Marsha behind the bar.                                                                                  Thank you to all our green team, I’m not going to name you all.

If there’s anybody I’ve missed then I apologise it’s not intentional.

Sad News at Jaguar Bowls Club

This past week saw the passing of one of our long standing members. Not only a stalwart and friend to one and all, but an ambassador for Jaguar Bowls club. Indoor, outdoor it didn’t faze him, he always gave it 110% no matter what.

I think I can speak for everyone of the members who had the pleasure to bowl with and know Barry “Baz” Bradshaw that although he will be missed dreadfully, he will certainly never be forgotten. Baz last few years at the Jaguar club were spent as captain and he gave it everything. It wasn’t through choice on some occasions, however Baz gave it his all, you wouldn’t hear him complaining. And on the green, tough/determined just a couple of words spring to mind, if he ever bowled in his mind a duff bowl, he was the first to stick his hand up. He loved bowls, breathed bowls, some say if you cut him open either it would say bowls through him like stick of rock or he would bleed actual bowls. I think the captaincy is a sort of poisoned chalice, I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, but it does affect your bowls.

I personally have an awful lot to thank Baz for and will forever be grateful for the tutorage he extended to me. The time, effort and most of all support and patience he offered I cannot begin to quantify. The phone calls, when I answered I would say alright Baz and he would reply alright Daz . I cant get my head around the fact we worked so closely together as Captain and Vice captain and now I’ll never see him again.

RIP Barry “BAZ” Bradshaw.

All the members would like to extend their deepest sympathies at this sad time to Marilyn and the Family.

Another Rugby trip

This week we found ourselves travelling to Rugby yet again, and it was pleasant and cool this week. We managed to avoid the rain and the cloud cover kept the heat down   (atmospheric heat that is), the heat on the green is still just as intense. Captain Nigel and is team greeted us warmly as ever and it was nice to see and meet some familiar faces and friends.

Our new stat continues this week and I think with the positive feedback it is here to stay, the end scores are 48 Jaguar / 60 Oakfield, if you take the Oakfield ends as 100% the Jaguar team scored 80% you don’t need to be a maths genius to see we struggled this week. The overall score was 74 Jaguar / 116 Oakfield. This is our worst defeat this year, maybe down to the format we played this week. Due to the numbers, we borrowed 2 players off Oakfield and we agreed to play 6 rinks with three wood triples. Now we get to the break down:

Rink 1 skippered by Ken lost with a score of 11/23, this was fairly close midway through however, Oakfield went on the rampage scoring 13 shots over 6 ends near the end.

Rink 2 skippered by Jim lost with a score of 11/22, again this was close at halfway, only 2 shots in it. Oakfield won 7 of the last 9 ends scoring 14 shots to 5. This was Jim’s first skip game on a Saturday due to necessity and he gave a good account of himself .

Rink 3 skippered by Luke lost with a score of 11/20, it is very encouraging that most of the games we have played have been close at the halfway point. this game was no different, only 3 shots, however , losing 10 shots over next 4 ends left Luke and his team with a lot to do. Pulling 5 shots back is commendable and shows Luke fighting spirit .

Rink 4 skippered by Geoff lost with a score of 13/24, first third of game all honours equal, then Jaguar dropped a big 5. Looking at the scorecard there appears to be a strange pattern, both teams scored in blocks of 3 ends. Oakfield won first end then Geoff took 3 ends, Oakfield replied with 3 ends, Jaguar took 1, Oakfield came again with 3 ends, Jaguar took 1 , Oakfield came again with 3 ends, finally Jaguar took last 3 ends. The nine ends that Oakfield took in the middle of the game was where the damage was done.

Rink 5 skippered by Captain Darren, this game could have gone either way. With one end to play Jaguar were 1 shot up, could this be the game where Darren gets the monkey off his back. End 18 Jaguar are holding with a draw shot off Bob Wilson which sits just left of Jack but touching, half jack visible from mat. Just defend no heroics , Oakfield skip bowls what was described ” his only good wood of the day” wicks the jack sideways off the rink – Dead End. Oakfield deliver the jack (now 19th end) then stick a wood bang on the jack, when every adverse rub goes against you and your in a rut this isn’t a comfortable position to be in. Two woods left for our skip, first good weight just misses. Head in hands moment for skip, one more “come on”, Good line, weights there and just catches a front wood on way in. Match drawn, 11/11. Positive comments off opposition regarding the front end of the Jaguar team.

Rink 6 skippered by John Brown won with a score of 17/16, this game was a classic and looking at the scorecard was all square at 9 ends. At 15 ends with 3 left to play you couldn’t separate these two heavy weights, Jaguar drops a 4 on end 16 would this separate the teams, nobody told Mr Brown and he dug deeper than ever and reeled off a 3 and 2 in last two ends. Thus sealing the win, congratulations to Mr Brown and his team who also took the highest winning rink. Probably never see this again this year getting the highest winning rink with a one shot victory.

BIG THANK YOU to Pat Evans for helping out the men this week.                                    BIG THANK YOU to VC Luke for all your help this week.

Website feedback.

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has visited our website and the comments have been nothing but inspiring.

Over the past couple of weeks roughly 6 people have personally took the time to grab my attention and give us a thumbs up . Pass on your experience to other members , getting other people to visit our/your website is our aim. Somebody commented ” when is the next game report going on website, can’t wait to read it”

If there is anything you would like to see added, please let us know.


  • Thank You.

REMINDER to members

Could all members please take note.

From next week we are testing a new system for the payment of match fees. The new system will be for members to pay their subs ( £5 match fee) on arrival at the venue. Payment will need to be made to the Captain/Vice Captain whoever is in charge on the day. We would also like to ask members to bring the correct money on the day as this negates the problem of trying to find change.

Members who have entered competitions please be aware that some prelim games need to be played next week, and that payment is due before you can play any competition games.

Highway away games will be played at the St Barbaras Venue due to their recent troubles. We would like to wish them all the best for the future.

The mens gala is approaching fast and as a club we need more prizes donated, also volunteers on the day to help out. Car park attendant, raffle, scorers etc.


Many Thanks

Home visit by our friends at Corley

This week we welcomed a local team from Corley, we don’t really consider these guys as rivals, more friends than rivals,it is always a great pleasure to play Corley. We have been blessed with a lovely day again, we are obviously avoiding the bad weather at the moment and it makes the bowling more enjoyable. Although if you ask Darren at the moment, you take your life in your own hands. LOL.

We managed to get 6 rinks this week, this is good news for the Jaguar bowls Club, although our friends from Corley only had 4 rinks. How we got round this was by lending one rink to Corley thus playing a game of 5 rinks each. Well what a game, as we started last week our new stat is the number of ends won, 57/48 to the Jaguar team. The overall score also went to the Jaguar with a win by 95/89, fairly close in the end only 6 shots. Three winning rinks against two from Corley suggested it would be close. When the Captain finds his form, hopefully soon, we could see a change in the scores.

Rink 1 was skippered by Luke won with a score of 21/11, the score card suggests there was never an issue for Luke and his team. We blooded a new member this week with Luke and we got nothing but praise from the skip. He said ” Steve played really well and looks to have mastered the basics of the game”, Steve keep up the good work and welcome to the club.

Rink 2 was skippered by Derek, lost by just 2 shots, seemed all under control with 4 ends to play. But Corley never gave up and hit back with 11 shots in 3 ends . The lead for Derek this week said ” we dropped a bloody five on the last end”. Some consistent scoring from the Jaguar rink kept the pressure on Corley, who pinched the win at the end.

Rink 3 skippered by Darren, lost again this week with a score of 9/27, well they say bad luck comes in threes and if you ask Darren he would probably say bring on next week, lets get the third instalment out of the way. When your struggling at this game there is no place to hide, your on the green and people look to the skip for direction. It just isn’t clicking at the moment for Darren, one 3 end run saw 11 shots dropped this was followed by 9 dropped shots over 3 ends later in the game. Looking at the scorecard if we could cancel these 6 ends, the rest of the game was pretty even. The overall score doesn’t truly reflect the order of play, but you can only look at the finish score.

Rink 4 skippered by Pete Bow won with a score of 19/15, Corley had a comfortable margin at 13 ends with a lead of 6 shots. But you never take for granted any lead against an experienced player like Pete. Over the next 5 ends Pete skipped a perfect comeback to level the score on 19 ends at 15/15. Now this is where experience comes to play with Pete securing the win with a 3 and 1 in last 2 ends. Well done Pete.

Rink 5 skippered by Ken, won by 24/12, this was another rink where it was all square at 16 ends at 12/12. Now whether up to this point it was fairly even game scores shared, a real battle, nobody really showing their hand. Then Ken skipped the perfect finish, best of 5 ends, Ken didn’t get the 5 end shot out script and played it his way. Ken along with his team dominated the five ends and scored a whopping 12 to 0 thus sealing a great win. Well done to Ken and his team.

As I’ve said the Jaguar secured the win 95/89, with Rink 5 taking the highest winning rink prize. Well Done Ken and your team. It appears that since the VC Luke mentioned that only the Captain and Vice Captain were winning the highest rink prize, things have changed. Its really good to see all our new members doing great and enjoying their bowls, keep up the good work guys.

BIG THANK YOU to Amy , June and Ann for the teas                                                        BIG THANK YOU to Marsha behind the bar.

Thanks to the four Jaguar Players on Rink1 who Played stand in for Corley to make 5 Rinks possible.

First return match of the season

This week we had our first return match away at the grange, what a lovely venue and another warm, dry day to boot. We were surprised halfway through the game with a flyby by a Lancaster bomber, what a sight, sends shivers down your spine. The noise of those engines is just amazing, total respect for all those young lads that flew in them during the war.

Ok enough of that, we took six rinks for todays match and what a game in the end it turned out to be, the rinks were shared on this visit 3 a piece. when this happens you know its going to be a tight game and comes down to the individual scores. We have a new statistic for you this week and that is the number of ends won by both teams, this week it was 66ends to the Jaguar and 60ends to the Grange. Yet more evidence that this will be a tight score.

Rink 1 skippered by Darren, in his words, “when will this end”  bad day at the coal face. Darren lost this week with a score of 7/34. When you only win 5 ends in a game you just put your hand out shake their hands and say well done. Both sides agreed that the score didn’t reflect the play in the game, at one point Darren gave away 14 points without reply.                                                                                                                 Rink 2 skippered by Luke lost with a score of 16/20, he to lost 14 points over 6 ends it takes a while to regroup and take stock. Ask Darren!!                                                Rink 3 skippered by John B won with a score of 26/7, John and his team dominated first third of the game and limited the opposition to winning 4 ends. A big 5 on the 19 end helped to bolster the score. Well Done to John and his team for taking highest winning rink also this week. Nice to see JB smiling again, is it because he is winning or not playing with somebody???? .                                                                                 Rink 4 skippered by Ken lost by a score of 13/19, honours were shared in the first third of this game with the Grange just pipping the Jaguar team to the win.                               Rink 5 skippered by John Eyles won with a score of 23/11, good win for John who managed to win double the ends of the opposition. Through the middle part of this game the Jaguar team kept the pressure on scoring consistently.                                     Rink 6 skippered by Derek won with a score of 19/17, scoring 11 points over 6 ends gave Derek a comfortable lead with two ends to play. You should never write an opponent off, and the Grange came back in the closing stage with a 2 and 1, although this was just short of the Jaguar score.

The overall score this week was 104/108, very close finish, when we played at home we lost by 12 shots overall, so we have to look on the positive side and consider this an improvement.  Thank you to Val Gardner for stepping and thanks to Mr box from the Grange for also helping us to fill all six rinks.