Highway new venue

Hi everyone, this week we played Highway at their new home venue, St Barbaras. It felt a little strange, almost like a knockout competition on neutral ground. After some head scratching we reduced our numbers to 4 rinks to match up with the Highway numbers. The weather held out, another warm pleasant day, the (green) bowled fairly well and the Highway welcomed us warmly as always. A few niggling problems to start, a couple of drop outs, managed to plug the gaps with reserves. Then the captain gets taken crock on Thursday with gout in his toe. Again pulled in another player, then on the day another withdrawal meaning the Captain has to play. The captain said he fully understood this withdrawal and hopes everything is ok with the members family.

The ends this week was a close affair and the result showed just how close in the end, the Jaguar men won 43 ends and Highway men won 41 ends. Just 2 ends in the whole game, we played 21 ends this week due to the weather being a little cooler. The result overall, well we’ll get to that later. As we’ve said we played 4 rinks this week, and the honours were shared, 2 rinks each, again an indicator that the result may be close.

Rink 2 skippered by John E, ex member of both clubs ( StBarbaras and Highway), won with a score of 16/14. Not a great deal in this game, the 5th end saw Jaguar score a 3 to take a small lead. However, by the 12th end the Highway team had pegged us back. Over the next 6 ends saw Jaguar won 5 ends, achieving a nice 5 shot lead. One end to go Jaguar drop a 3 and the win is in the bag for the Jags, well done.

Rink 3 skippered by Luke, won with a score of 18/14, a run of 6 ends scoring 10 shots gave the Jags a comfortable 11 point lead at the halfway stage. A mini blip meant the Highway team won the next 4 ends scoring 9 shots to get back into the game. The Jags added 3 shots in the next 2 ends to get a 5 shot lead, final 3 ends went in Highways favour winning 2, but taking only 2 shots meant that the Jags held on at the end.

Rink 4 skippered by Captain Darren, lost with a score of 17/23, the score doesn’t reflect truly the order of play. When the Jags managed to catch up they followed it with a needless mishap and dropped shots. The ends in this game were fairly even Jag 10 / Highway 11. With all the team changes this week and on the green issues on the day from the adjacent rink it gets harder and harder just to play a game and enjoy it. It was embarrassing and left a black mark on our club. Apologies were extended to the Highway Captain for the Jaguar members conduct.

Rink 5 skippered by Derek, lost with a score of 15/19. Looking at the scorecard it is evident that the old cliché of “game of 2 halves ” is bang on. At the hallway point the Jags were 13 shots adrift, in the second half the Jags tried everything registering 12 shots to 3 shots. The ends were close at 10/11 and well done to the Jag boys for a massive effort in the second half. Perhaps the experience of Mr Price at lead helped out.

Well Done to Steve Hingston, only your 2nd game for the Jags, the feedback and lovely positive comments from both skips on your rink about your play, must be encouraging for you.

The highest winning rink went to Luke this week on Rink 3, well done after all the disruption at the beginning of the game. The overall score this week went against the Jaguars and was 66/70, only just lost and this is encouraging when you take into account the green condition.

Big Thank You to the following for stepping in:                                                                   John G, Bill P and Dafydd P.

Also Thank you to John Hurst (Highway) for stepping in, when one of our members had to leave the green unexpectedly, (dubious reasons though) (Rink 3).


Warm welcome to Rugby Oakfield

This week we welcomed one of many clubs based in Rugby, Oakfield paid us a return visit on yet another warm day. There was a little cloud at the start but the sun soon put this to right and the temperature started to rise. The game was played in good spirit and I believe everyone had a good game, frustrating at times, but that’s the nature of bowls. This week we played 5 rinks of triples (3wood) over 18 ends as agreed by the captaincy of sides. We had to lose some players to match up with the opposition and then a spanner was thrown in the works when Oakfield informed us they were a player short. Last minute panic and fuss to try and get a player.

We ran the spider this week, as we try to at every home match, instead of a jack in the middle of the green Ken Orton kindly let us borrow an actual knitted spider with one yellow foot, used by the district. The object being to get as close to the yellow foot as possible, this week the winner was Derek from the Jaguar club.

Ends won this week was a fairly close affair with 90 ends to play, Jaguar won 49 ends and Oakfield won 41 ends. At the halfway point of the match the Jaguar bowlers held a small lead of just 1 shot, could we capitalise or collapse only time will tell.

Rink 2 skippered by John B lost with a score of 15/19, all seemed under control, Jaguar, thanks to a 5 on the 7th end followed by a 3 on the 12th held a lead of 8 shots. However at this point the wheels appear to have come off with Oakfield managing to keep Jaguar out of the game. Scoring every end to see out the game, 12 shots over the last third.

Rink 3 skippered by Darren lost with a score of 13/23, Jaguar team had a good game overall just 2 ends got away where the jaguar team switched off. After fighting to get back level on the 8th end, the team lost a costly 6 very next end. On the 12th end a shot was called for the Jaguar boys, but before the opposition could agree their bowl dropped when they claimed the shot. Discussions where held and debated and the shot given back. 4shots adrift with 3 ends to play meant we had a shout, then came the killer punch a 7 shot drop, game over . No where to hide when your Captain, one member said they would never do the role because they could see how it has affected the captains game.

Rink 4 skippered by Derek lost with a score of 18/19, this rink was all square at the halfway point. In the second half jaguar scored 10 shots and Oakfield scored 11, Oakfield scoring 2 shots on the last end to snatch a win by just 1 shot. Jaguar took 10ends to 8ends in this game and only just lost out . Great effort guys keep up the good work.

Rink 5 skippered by Ken won with a score of 18/14, always going to be close when the ends are shared, both teams winning 9ends. Looking at the scorecard the scoring was shared with the Jaguar team scoring three big scores to Oakfields one. At halfway point Jaguar found themselves 6 shots adrift then Ken hit back with 2 four shot scores this gave the Jaguar a slender lead and some consistent scoring over 3 ends and a 3 on the 17th end secured victory.

Rink 6 skippered by Vice Captain Luke won with a score of 31/11, what can I write, looking at the scorecard it is difficult to find anymore praise, Perfect, Outstanding. The Jaguar team won 15ends restricting Oakfield to just 3ends. The only down side is the 3ends that Jaguar lost they dropped 4/4/3, I say downside loosely because I am pretty sure Luke wouldn’t be totally happy dropping these shots. Does the scorecard flatter the actual game play? you would have to talk to the skip on the day.

The overall score on the day was Jaguar 95 Oakfield 86, well done everybody who took part, another win in the bag. Jaguar actually lost out on the rink score this week losing 3/2, but rink 6 was the golden rink taking the highest winning rink.

Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for the meal, Amy, Sadie and Jo                             Thank you to Val for dropping in when Oakfield were one short at the last minute.           Thank you to Pat for filling in Vals place in the kitchen.                                                      Thank you to Vice Captain Luke who fulfilled the Captaincy role this week, good job both on the green and off.

This week we travelled to Stoke.

This week saw us travel away to Stoke, the burning car on the Binley Road was an omen I think. The weather is continuing to shine and is having a massive affect on the greens and the bowlers. Thank you Captain Brian for a warm welcome I think generally we all had a good day despite the intense sunshine. Yet again the game was reduced to 18 ends due to weather, bowlers safety in these conditions has to be a consideration.

The ends won score this week was Jaguar 40 ends and Stoke 50 ends. I wonder if the ten end difference proved an influence on the end result. Accepting the green was the same for  everybody, I can confidently say that  everybody struggled on the green this week.

Rink 1 was skippered by Jim, won with a score of 21/15. not much in the score at the halfway point. Stoke took a 3/5 on the 8/9 ends respectively, jaguar returned the score a couple of ends later with two 4 point scores. Taking 5 shots in the last 4 ends proved decisive and sealed the result.

Rink 2 skippered by Ken, lost with a score of 15/16, Jaguar came out of the blocks slowly today, not scoring till end 6. Taking 5 over next 3 ends brought Jag back into the game. End 13 Jaguar took a slim lead but gave it back in the next end, Stoke increased their lead the next end and Jaguar rallied scoring 3 in the last 2 ends, however just not enough for the win.

Rink 3 skippered by Luke, lost with a score of 11/27. Looking at the scorecard this was a struggle, Jaguar won 5 ends in total. Stoke scored consistently throughout the game and their lead deserves a special mention, Mr B Thomas is a bowler who is partially sighted with a sight stick. The level of skill I witnessed from the next rink was outstanding, he bowled with a guide and was consistently in and around the jack.

Rink 4 skippered by Darren, lost with a score of 11/23. Although the Jaguar team kept the score down from the opposition, two 5 point scores from Stoke proved too much for the Jaguar team. The rink didn’t bowl very well at all, the lack of water has had a terrible affect. When we got the width on the bowl the weight was not enough, slightly tight and the bowl just goes on and on. Stoke managed to take the jack to the ditch on two occasions thus killing the game, to get close you had to give it the green then the bowl just wouldn’t stop.

Rink 5 skippered by John B, won with a score of 21/14. All square at the halfway point, Stoke took a 3/1 next two ends to take a small lead. Jaguar rallied at this point scoring 14 unanswered points over next 4 ends this gave Jaguar a 10 shot lead. Despite losing a 4 at the end Jag held on to the win. John also took the highest winning rink this week, congratulations to the team on Rink 5.

This week saw 4 rinks changed after selection, the captaincy would like to thank the following members for stepping in at short notice. Ken, Dafydd and Mick. Also thank you to Sally and Val without these two ladies we would have been up the creek. When greens fall into this condition it affects every bowler, it does nothing at all for the confidence of new bowlers and leaves some scratching their heads. The overall score this week was Jaguar 79   Stoke 95 .

Could I please ask all members if you are not available and have placed your name on the availability sheet it is YOUR responsibility to write N/A next to your name. DO NOT rely on telling the captaincy your not available, we have enough to do and remember, without this adding to it.