We pay Wolvey a visit

This week we visited our rivals at Wolvey, it felt a little strange, this due to the fact we generally play away to Wolvey last game of the season. This could be good because it now means we get a home game at the end season.

The weather although overcast for most of the game interspersed with some sunny spells was pleasant. The actual green bowled pretty good, again due to the recent rain we have been having, nice to see an actual “green”. Thank you to Captain Alan and fellow members of Wolvey for a very warm welcome and a lovely afternoon.

Ok, the ends score this week was scored over 105 ends and was split as follows, Jaguar scored 51ends and Wolvey scored 54. This appears to suggest the game would be fairly close as there was only 3ends in the overall game. We will see later if this proved to be the case….

Rink 1 skippered by Luke lost with a score of 18/20, we had a small problem when we arrived at the venue. One of the Jaguar players took ill on the journey to Wolvey, this would mean that the Jags gave 25% of their score away. Halfway through the game the Jags held a small 5 shot lead, the next 6ends saw Wolvey score 11shots. Over the closing 4 ends jaguar scored 5 on 3 of the ends and gave Wolvey 2 on 1 end. These 2 shots meant Wolvey took the win, fairly academic when the penalty was applied to Jaguar.

Rink 2 skippered by John B lost with a score of 14/18, Halfway through the Jaguar team had scored on 3 ends (5shots) at this stage Wolvey had scored on 8ends(11shots). looking at the scorecard it appears it was a game of 2 halves, above you can see Wolvey controlled the start. The second half saw Jaguar score on 7 ends (9shots) and Wolvey score on 3ends(7shots) . Big effort from all the jaguar players who just came up short this week.

Rink 3 skippered by Darren lost with a score of 13/15, the scorecard shows that Jaguar although kept up, just couldn’t find that groove to get ahead. The result doesn’t truly reflect the game play, Jaguar tried everything. One member of the Jaguar team asked “who had run over a robin on the journey there”. 8th end there was 1 shot in it, the 12th end still 1 shot, the 15end just 1 shot. The Jags conceded 1 shot on the next 4ends giving Wolvey a 5shot lead, the most they had all day. The jaguar team scored 3shots over last 2ends just running out of time.

Rink 4 skippered by Geoff lost with a score of 13/30, Jaguar did score well on the ends they won, a run from Wolvey over 7 ends saw them score 18 shots. Before and after this period it looks like Jaguar had the measure of the Wolvey team.  (Comments were made across the rinks, not needed during a game). The middle section is where the damage was done and Wolvey scored a convincing win.

Rink 5 skippered by Paul C won with score of 20/14, at the mid point Jaguar was 2 shots behind, a run of 4ends meant Jaguar had turned it around and held a 4 shot lead. Losing a 1/1/4 over next 3 ends meant the Jags fall 2 behind once more, Jaguar then scored on all remaining ends 3/2/3 this seals a great confidence building win for the new skipper. Great job by all the Jaguar team, its great to see a smile on the skips face after the game.

The overall score was 74/97, when we look at the end scores on individual rinks the game was evenly shared . However, it does show that scoring heavily on the ends you win is very important, you can be close on the ends won but be out scored overall.

The highest winning ( only winning ) rink this week goes to Rink 5 Paul, Ann, Shirley and Steve. Congratulations and Well Done.

This week it was extremely difficult to get a team together. At this point I would like to thank all the Ladies who helped us out this week. Without these willing ladies we wouldn’t have been able to field a worthwhile team. The ladies in question know who they are, but nevertheless , Shirley, Ann, Carol, June and Pat. Also Thank you to Bill K and Steve Y who also helped us to get a team.

I would also like to wish Val all the best and our thoughts are with you and wish you a speedy recovery.


Travels to Ambleside

This is one of those weeks when we play the same opponent within a few weeks. This week we travelled to Nuneaton to visit our friends at Ambleside. Last time we played only a few weeks ago, it rained rather a lot and the game was curtailed. Not so this week, although it was overcast the rain held off. There was stories before our visit that the “green” wasn’t very green, mud was mentioned. I would like to add at this point that the green team at Ambleside should be proud of their surface. Yes, the recent rain showers made the surface heavy and a little unpredictable, but on the whole it bowled as well as can be expected. Through necessity this week we played triples (3wood), which also meant 18 ends, due to number of woods and timescales.

Unfortunately, one of the skips gave his scorecard to his No2 and he took the mentioned card home. We have managed to get the rink score, but the ends won/lost we don’t have all the information. (sorry). So without the data off Rink 4 the ends tally was thus Jaguar 47 Ambleside 43. This would suggest that the result was fairly close, we have to wait and see..

Rink 1 skippered by Chris, I believe this maybe his first time at skip. Jaguar won with a score of 15/10. At the halfway point the Jags held a promising 6shot lead, the second half saw all points shared. The Jags took 12/6 in the ends tally, seemed to be in control throughout, Well Done .

Rink 2 skippered by Darren won with a score of 19/13, after scoring a 3 on the 5th end, the Jags gave a 4 straight back. The next 4 ends saw the Jags reel off 9 shots, thus taking a 10 shot lead. The second half saw Jag score only 4 shots, but some control over the game saw Ambleside restricted to scoring only 1 shot on 4 ends. Jaguar won 11ends to Ambleside 7

Rink 3 skippered by Ken lost with a score of 9/20, middle of the game the scores were shared it would appear. However, 3ends saw Ambleside score 11 shots these scores made the difference in the end. Jaguar scored on 7 ends to Ambleside 11.

Rink4 skippered by Derek, this is the missing scorecard. I was informed the score was 15/19 to Ambleside.

Rink 5 skippered by Paul C lost with a score of 13/14, I think this may be Pauls first game at skip. ( if wrong I apologise and will correct if anybody knows different). A solid 3 on the 4th end got the Jags off the mark and levelled the scores. Losing 7 shots to 1 over next 5 ends meant the Jags were looking at a 6 shot deficit. The Jags rallied and by the 14th end the Jags had got it back level, best of 5end shot out. Ambleside took 3 end to Jags 2, and just took the win. Unlucky Jags , good game looking at the scorecard.

Rink 6 skippered by Geoff won with a score of 18/14, the ends were shared on this rink 9/9, I think what made the difference was the level of scoring from the Jags. A little 3 end run in the middle scoring 6 shots helped defend the lead Jaguar held.

So the highest winning rink this week went to Rink 2 Skipped by Darren, ( yessss). He would like to thank the members of his team for their contribution and effort during what was a trying afternoon. The overall score was 89/90 lost by just 1 shot, did say it was close earlier.

Thank you to the ladies (Jo, Sally and Pat) for playing.

Stoke return game

Confusing now because we have another posting for our visit from Stoke Bowls Club. Confusing because the writer was away last week and as only just got round to writing up the previous post.

Well what a difference in the weather, last week wash out , this week back to wall to wall sunshine. And mind you it may seem better conditions but gee was it hot, relentless some added. As we’ve said we played Stoke on a return visit, it was good to see Captain Brian and his fellow bowlers, thinking back it was blisteringly hot when we played at their venue. We fielded 5 rinks this week and thank you to everyone who bowled and put their name down. The number of ends won this week was really close with Stoke just coming out on top, Jaguar scored 51ends and Stoke scored 54 ends. After 105ends played to come down to just 3 ends between the teams could mean a close result.  We’ll see…

Rink 2 was skippered by Luke won with a score of 26/10, a run of 9ends from the Jags saw them rack up 19 shots. After the 6th end which Stoke had scored on the previous 4 ends they went to sleep, only managing to score a further 3 shots in the game.

Rink 3 was skippered by Darren lost with a score of 12/21, a 5 on the 9th end gave the Jags a nice lead and some much needed confidence. However, scoring only 1 shot over next 8ends saw Stoke score 14shots and take a 8shot lead . Don’t know what else to say now, when the bowls are against you for whatever reason it doesn’t matter  what you have done in the past. “Just not getting the rub of the green” the Number 3 commented, Darren added “welcome to my world”.

Rink 4 was skippered by John B Lost with a score of 12/20, the Jags were just 3 shots behind, Jaguar managed just 1 shot over next 7ends. Stoke scored 11 shots to take a 13 shot lead, the Jags did restrain Stoke from scoring too many more but the damage had already been done.

Rink 5 was skippered by Geoff H won with a score of 27/15,  the scorecard shows that the Jags scored heavily on several ends ( 3xfours and 3xthrees). At the 8th end it was all square, honours even. At the 11th end Jaguar held a slim lead of 4 shots, 14th end Stoke had got it back level again. Then the Jags, over the last 7 ends restricted Stoke to just 3 shots, during these closing stages Jaguar scored 15 shots. This helped secure a great win and well done to all the Jaguar boys.

Rink 6 was skippered by Derek lost with a score of 14/21, Stoke done all the damage in the first half of the game amassing a 12 shot lead. A further 5 shots over next 5ends saw their lead extended . Jaguar made a spirited fight back over the closing 5 ends and scored their best points(9shots), although the Jags made a great effort , just running out of ends.

The overall score this week went to the Jags scoring 91against 87 from Stoke . Well done the Jags.

Thank You to the ladies in the kitchen for a lovely summer meal, in this weather it is much appreciated all the work involved. (Amy, Sadie, Carol and Val).

Thank You to Marsha behind the bar.


We hosted Ambleside

This week we were paid our seasonal visit by on of our Nuneaton neighbours                 ” Ambleside”. The weather finally broke and caused all sorts of chaos, some said a few showers would have been nice, not the deluge we got. Weather conditions were the same for both teams, and everyone tried their best.

Eventually we settled on 6 rinks, this after some tense phone calls / hair pulling and disbelief. The resulting weather meant the game was sadly cut short, usually with agreement from both Captains. The game lasted an average of 12 ends due to the severity of the rain. The ends score was in Jaguars favour with 39/37, close game based on ends won result, although the overall result meant Jaguar made the most of the tricky weather, Jaguar came out on top this week winning with a score of 70/59. Well Done to all players who braved the elements and to Vice Captain Luke who had a difficult day overall.

Rink 1 skippered by John B lost with a score of 9/10, looking at the scorecard this was all even going into what was to be the final end. Scoring was shared throughout the game with the Jags picking off a 3 on the penultimate end to level the game only to lose out. 13 ends was the total played on this rink.

Rink 2 skippered by Derek won with a score of 23/8, game of two halves when looking a scorecard. First half fairly even 8 ends played and only 1 shot in the scores, then Ambleside crumbled, the Jags scored on everyone of the last 6 ends, amassing 16 shots. This also meant that Derek takes the highest winning rink this week, Well Done .

Rink 3 skippered by Ken lost with a score of 11/12, a 6 on the 4th end gave the Jags a kickstart into the game and by the 10th end it was all square at 10/10. with what would be 3 ends to go, it was a best of 3 shoot out . Ambleside was prepared for this and won 2 to just take the result.

Rink 4 skippered by John E won with a score of 12/7, the Jags restricted Ambleside to just 4 ends. With John scoring on 7 ends and producing the consistent pressure in the second half contributed to the win. This rink managed 11 ends before the game was suspended and fought out a good result.

Rink 5 skippered by Luke won with a score of 12/7, winning 10ends out of the 14 played meant it was going to be hard for Ambleside, although having said that the ends that the Jags did win Ambleside restricted them to just 1 shot (8ends). Good win given the conditions.

Rink 6 skippered by John G lost with a score of 3/15, bad day at the office and the weather clearly affected some players more than others. Winning 3 ends out of 11, and scoring 1 point on each of these shows just how difficult this game can be when the weather gets involved.

Would like to thank the ladies for the meal.                                                                         Also Thank you to the bar staff.                                                                                     Just a general BIG THANK YOU to all the members who played this week.                      BIG THANK YOU to Luke for fulfilling the captains roll this week, I accept the weather was awful and I dodged it somewhat.