Finals Day 2018

Hello Everyone, all finalists can breathe a sigh of relief now its all over for another year. What a day all games played with respect and enjoyment, even if the result in a game didn’t go your way, at least you tried and should be proud of yourself for reaching the finals. Congratulations to all who took part and an especially BIG WELL DONE to all our winners. Some surprises throughout the day and some expected, but having said that its all down to on the day, we all have the same chance from the start.

Big THANK YOU to both competition secretaries for all their work throughout this years competitions and well done for a very successful finals day. ( a side note to the mens comp sec, hope you get better soon, Captain says we have a game next week). Thank you to all the markers on the day without whom the competitions would be difficult to run. Thank you to John and Steve Duffy for helping to set up the rinks and everyone else who helped to clear equipment away at the end. It was really nice to see the family of our sadly passed ex-captain who came down today for a little roll up, it must of been hard for them but they are always welcome and we are all friends and miss him greatly.

Mens Championship Final

John Eyles (21)v Jim Entwistle (10)

Ladies Championship Final

Jo Vitols (13) v Chris Buchannan (22)

Mens Pairs Final 

Dafydd and Darren Pritchard (25) v Jim Entwistle and Luke Gardner (16)

Ladies Pairs Final

Arlene Anderson and Marilyn Williams (15) v                                                              Sally Malcom and Margaret Clarson (23)

Mixed Pairs Final

John Gardner and Sally Malcolm (7) v                                                                         John Eyles and Chris Buchannan(22)

Mens 2 Wood Final

John Eyles (17) v John Duffy (6)


Ladies 2 Wood Final

Arlene Anderson (11) v Jenny Harris(17)

Mens Handicap Final

Bill Kerrigan (19) v Darren Pritchard (21)

Ladies Handicap Final

Arlene Anderson (22) v Jenny Harris (15)

Mens Sets Final

Bill Price (1) v Ken Orton (2)