Another home game

This week turned out completely different to last week, you’d think you was in another country, (Wall to wall sunshine). Having a week off didn’t affect the bowlers too much although unfortunately we did lose, it was close though. At the end it came down to just 9 shots, when we average it out over the rinks it is barely just under 2 shots per rink. Well done everybody and especially I would like to congratulate the new bowlers you put your name down and play that’s all we ask.

What a game as I’ve said, it was played inĀ  good spirit and I would like to think everybody enjoyed themselves, at the end of the day that’s what its all about ENJOYMENT. Meet people you may not have seen all winter, or never meet before and have a great afternoon. Congratulations to Mr Gardner junior and all the players on rink 3, his team managed the highest winning rink. It was good to hear that Highway bowls had found an alternative home after their recent troubles, and would like to thank Captain Peter for fielding a team in what can only be trying times. I am sure we would all wish them continued success in the future.

Big THANK YOU to the ladies for the meal and to Marsha behind the bar.

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