Three Spires visit……

This week we hosted our friends from 3 spires, always a good tough encounter. The weather held off and was fairly warm and that’s an understatement. We fielded 5 rinks and still only recorded a win on 1.The green bowled well and is a credit to our green team, BIG THANK YOU from all the members. We will leave the overall score till later..

Rink 1 skipped by Luke lost with a score 20/25. The game was evenly shared with 3 spires just taking the ends with 11 . A 7 shot drop on the 6th gave the spires a nice lead, they added to this on the 11th with a 6 and was completely in control. However, the second half of the game saw Jaguar fighting back. Jaguar after the disaster on the 11th end seem to kick into life, and register a score on 7 of the last 10 ends. A 4 on the last end for the Jag brought the score a little closer.

Rink 2 skipped by Derek lost with a score of 15/19, the scorecard shows that this game was going to be close. There was nothing in the game, until around the 10th end, for 6 ends 3 spires seem to turn the screws and score 14 shots. Jaguar didn’t give up and score 7 shots over last 5 end to try and claw back, however the ends ran out .

Rink 3 skipped by John B  won with a score of 26/13, this game at the halfway stage was all square, well 3 spires had a slim 1 shot lead. After the 10th end it was a completely different story, Jaguar scored on 8 ends amassing 18 shots. 3 Spires found themselves clinging on and scored just 4 shots.

Rink 4 skipped by Darren lost with a score 32/13, when things start to go against you,  it becomes a real struggle. The scorecard doesn’t really tell the full story, yes the Jag boys dropped three 4’s and a 6. You just have to keep trying and keep positive, the scores against, well ok 3 spires put their bowls in the right places.

Rink 5 skipped by Geoff lost 19/20, the score was tight all the way throughout the game and the ends were shared as well with 3 Spires taking that by 1 also. The Jag boys were 6 down with 2 ends to play, but picked up a 4 and a 1 to close within 1. Good effort and what looks like a really enjoyable game to play in .

So overall Jaguar scored 93 and 3 Spires scored 109.                                                        John B took the highest winning rink , Well Done.                                                           We competed over 105 ends in total, Jaguar won 52 and 3 Spires won 53. So although the game was tight 3 Spires made the most of their ends.

It was nice to see Val at the game this week , its been a tough time and all our well wishes are sent to you . I’m glad the weather held out and everyone enjoyed the game and the day.

Just a quick overview

Sorry fans due to other commitments early in the season we will be just giving the results for the early season games. We will be posting our usual game blogs from this week, (25/5/19).

The first game of the season we played Jaguar Ladies v Jaguar Men, this game has been now titled “Memorial Game”, this is to honour one and all our fellow bowlers who have sadly passed away. This closed season we tragically lost a stalwart at our club, someone who always put his hand in the air to volunteer. And his bowling don’t even get me started on that, always gave his all during a game and never out of it till the very end. Of course we are talking about John Gardner who passed away suddenly just as we were preparing for a new season and all getting back together. Nobody saw it coming and the shock and grief has been felt by all. You was always cracking a joke and always appeared to be smiling or laughing.          RIP John

So here we go,

Jaguar Men v Jaguar Ladies, the men came out on top this year, however the ladies put up a great fight and I think everybody enjoyed what was a sombre occasion.

Jaguar 76 v Nuneaton 112 , we fielded 5 rinks at this early stage of season, Jaguar managed to win 1 rink to Nuneaton 4 rinks. This obviously became our highest winning rink skipped by Derek.

Next we travelled to Bilton in Rugby for a single visit this year, hopefully we can keep the return fixture for next year.                                                                                            Jaguar 63 v Bilton 89, we put out 4 rinks ( a little disappointing considering this is a new fixture). Jaguar won 1 rink against Bilton 3 rinks . Again it is evident that this is our highest winning rink, this week skipped by John B. Derek ( last weeks champion ) had a difficult day and suffered the highest loss . Unfortunately we found ourselves in a position of giving points away (25%) due to having 2 members dropping out at the last minute.

Next we hosted another Rugby team, Grange. This was a warm up and Jaguar didn’t want to show too much because on the following Tuesday evening we would be hosting the Grange again in a cup game.                                                                                        Jaguar 66 v Grange 79, 4 rinks was the team this week and the honours were shared 2 apiece . And the scores for highest winning rink couldn’t have been any tighter , our 2 rinks both lost 14 shots over the game, so it comes down to what the Jaguar teams could score. Rink 2 skipped by Luke scored 23 shots and Rink 5 skipped by John E scored 22 shots. How close this came was evident in the last 2 ends of both rinks, R2 dropped a 3 on last end and R5 dropped a 4 on last 2 ends. Luke took the honours at the end .

Next we visited Coventry Avenue ( another new fixture) , 4 rinks again , seems to be the max we can field at the moment. Rinks shared again 2 apiece and after 84 ends the scores finshed level Jaguar 77 v Avenue 77 . JB took the highest winning rink award this week ( pens in the post hey John). When we looked at the scorecards and considering it was a draw, I took a look at the number of ends won, as we have mentioned we played 84 ends, Jaguar scored on 39 and Coventry Avenue scored on 45 .

2019 Game Blogs

Hi Sports fans

Sorry for the lack of blogs . I hadn’t really realised how much they were appreciated last year. Combine this with all the assumptions and editorial difficulties, I have recently spoken with several people and been reassured of the pleasure people got from reading the blogs.

If all my supporters can bear with me just a little longer I will get everything back up to date real soon.

Once again sorry and thank you .

Finals Day 2018

Hello Everyone, all finalists can breathe a sigh of relief now its all over for another year. What a day all games played with respect and enjoyment, even if the result in a game didn’t go your way, at least you tried and should be proud of yourself for reaching the finals. Congratulations to all who took part and an especially BIG WELL DONE to all our winners. Some surprises throughout the day and some expected, but having said that its all down to on the day, we all have the same chance from the start.

Big THANK YOU to both competition secretaries for all their work throughout this years competitions and well done for a very successful finals day. ( a side note to the mens comp sec, hope you get better soon, Captain says we have a game next week). Thank you to all the markers on the day without whom the competitions would be difficult to run. Thank you to John and Steve Duffy for helping to set up the rinks and everyone else who helped to clear equipment away at the end. It was really nice to see the family of our sadly passed ex-captain who came down today for a little roll up, it must of been hard for them but they are always welcome and we are all friends and miss him greatly.

Mens Championship Final

John Eyles (21)v Jim Entwistle (10)

Ladies Championship Final

Jo Vitols (13) v Chris Buchannan (22)

Mens Pairs Final 

Dafydd and Darren Pritchard (25) v Jim Entwistle and Luke Gardner (16)

Ladies Pairs Final

Arlene Anderson and Marilyn Williams (15) v                                                              Sally Malcom and Margaret Clarson (23)

Mixed Pairs Final

John Gardner and Sally Malcolm (7) v                                                                         John Eyles and Chris Buchannan(22)

Mens 2 Wood Final

John Eyles (17) v John Duffy (6)


Ladies 2 Wood Final

Arlene Anderson (11) v Jenny Harris(17)

Mens Handicap Final

Bill Kerrigan (19) v Darren Pritchard (21)

Ladies Handicap Final

Arlene Anderson (22) v Jenny Harris (15)

Mens Sets Final

Bill Price (1) v Ken Orton (2)




Sad News at Jaguar Bowls Club

This past week saw the passing of one of our long standing members. Not only a stalwart and friend to one and all, but an ambassador for Jaguar Bowls club. Indoor, outdoor it didn’t faze him, he always gave it 110% no matter what.

I think I can speak for everyone of the members who had the pleasure to bowl with and know Barry “Baz” Bradshaw that although he will be missed dreadfully, he will certainly never be forgotten. Baz last few years at the Jaguar club were spent as captain and he gave it everything. It wasn’t through choice on some occasions, however Baz gave it his all, you wouldn’t hear him complaining. And on the green, tough/determined just a couple of words spring to mind, if he ever bowled in his mind a duff bowl, he was the first to stick his hand up. He loved bowls, breathed bowls, some say if you cut him open either it would say bowls through him like stick of rock or he would bleed actual bowls. I think the captaincy is a sort of poisoned chalice, I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, but it does affect your bowls.

I personally have an awful lot to thank Baz for and will forever be grateful for the tutorage he extended to me. The time, effort and most of all support and patience he offered I cannot begin to quantify. The phone calls, when I answered I would say alright Baz and he would reply alright Daz . I cant get my head around the fact we worked so closely together as Captain and Vice captain and now I’ll never see him again.

RIP Barry “BAZ” Bradshaw.

All the members would like to extend their deepest sympathies at this sad time to Marilyn and the Family.

Competition Reminder


I have been asked by this years competition secretary to remind all members who have entered any competitions this year that entry payment must be paid before commencement of games. In other words if you don’t pay upfront you cannot play any matches.

Thank You

On behalf of C.S