Away visit to Nuneaton

This week should have been a return match against Nuneaton, however as usual when we play Nuneaton it rains. The first game, back in the midst of time, at the start of the season was cancelled due to bad weather. Today we dodged the worst of the weather although it did rain a little during the game, rather refreshing.

Thank you to Lee and fellow members of Nuneaton for hosting a great afternoon of bowls, the green bowled well and was a pleasure to bowl on. Todays game was played over 105 ends with the break down as follows, Jaguar scored over 41 ends and Nuneaton scored over 64 ends. This isn’t going to be the Jags finest hour we can see from the ends won that Nuneaton had a strangle hold on the game. The overall score we will see later…..

Rink 1 skippered by Darren lost with a score of 15/23, the scorecard shows that up to theĀ  8th end all was equal nobody really taking control. The 9th end saw the Jags score a 6 after a weighted bowl on the forehand sprung the jack, this gave the Jags a margin to work with. The next 5ends saw Jag score 1 and Nuneaton 9 shots, at the 16th end all was not lost and there was just 1 shot in the game. The closing 5 ends, Nuneaton scored 8shots, Jaguar could win only 1 end of the 5 and finished 8 shots adrift.

Rink 2 skippered by Luke lost with a score of 13/25, at the halfway point in this game the scorecard shows the Jags were only 3 shots off the lead. On the 12th end Nuneaton picked up a 6, Nuneaton continued to win ends in the second half, scoring single shots. These single shots do a lot of damage to the scoreboard in bowls, not the high scores but the ends ticking away and the opposition just creeping away.

Rink 3 skippered by John B lost with a score of 11/21, the scorecard shows that the Jags never really got started. After 6ends the Jags were only 4 shots down, then Nuneaton went on a 8end winning streak, again mainly single shot ends, but as we previously said it keeps the board ticking over. A late 3end flourish saw the Jags close the gap a little but just ran out of ends.

Rink 4 skippered by Ken lost with a score of 14/18, at 11 ends the scores were equal 8 shots a piece. The next 5ends see Nuneaton score 8 shots, Jaguar couldn’t respond at this time. Over the closing 5 ends Jaguar took 4 ends scoring 6shots, Nuneaton scored a 2 to seal the win by 4 shots. Ken won 10 of the 21 ends only just losing out in the scores .

Rink 5 skippered by John E lost with a score of 13/17, at 9ends the scores were all square 6each. The next 4 ends proved decisive in the game when Nuneaton scored 7 shots against Jaguars 2, this put Jaguar 5 behind. The Jags scored on 4 of the next 5 ends, registering 5 shots against 1 from Nuneaton. This puts the Jags just 1 behind with 3ends to play, Nuneaton scored 1 shot on last 3ends to take the win.

The overall score against Nuneaton was 66 Jaguar 104 Nuneaton, a convincing win for our neighbours. As can be seen from the details above we didn’t register a winning rink this week so the prize went to lowest losing rink. Gets more complicated now because 2 rinks lost by 4 shots, on count back we went to ends won. Rink 4 won 10ends and Rink 5 won 9 ends, therefore Rink 4 take the prize Congratulations to Ken and his team. Ken proving a formidable skipper and showing any new skips that you just never give up.

A BIG THANK YOU this week goes to all the members who were called on to fill up the team. We still came up short after 4 people pulled out nearer the time, I cant list all the people who helped but you know who you are. I would like at this point to say Thank you to two bowlers from Ambleside (Bernard Merrick and Peter Smith) who filled in to make numbers up.

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