2019 Game Blogs

Hi Sports fans

Sorry for the lack of blogs . I hadn’t really realised how much they were appreciated last year. Combine this with all the assumptions and editorial difficulties, I have recently spoken with several people and been reassured of the pleasure people got from reading the blogs.

If all my supporters can bear with me just a little longer I will get everything back up to date real soon.

Once again sorry and thank you .

Ladies Captain Day Game

As the ladies season finished earlier than the men and as been customary over past seasons the ladies captain has a day set aside. The following has been requested for an article on our webpage.

The Ladies met for a final game on the 19th of September. A good time was had by all despite the weather playing a part and the game cut short as a result. Captain Jenny provided the cream cakes and Pat added a delicious sponge( just like the carrot cake it was delicious). The ladies presented Captain Jenny with red rose plants and a special candle, which Jenny was delighted with.

The ladies all felt that they had enjoyed a good season, despite losing more games than winning. They felt that their bowling had improved and was bowling better throughout the year, even enjoying games more. The ladies were extremely happy to have achieved 3rd place in the Friday Night League, Congratulations to all the Ladies.

The day ended in good spirits, some members moving indoors for the winter (good luck everyone) other members taking a deserved break to recharge the batteries ready for the next campaign. Jenny mentioned she was looking forward to seeing everybody at the presentation night and possibly at the skittles over the winter ( details to follow).

Wolvey At home, not just any ole game

Yes this is it everyone, the last game of the season, seems an age ago when we played the Jaguar Ladies in the first game of our season. The weather was forecast for heavy rain for the day, however the rain did fall but nothing like the predicted level. Thanks are extended to Captain Alan and fellow members from Wolvey for a enjoyable days bowling ( despite the weather) . The game was reduced to 18 ends due to the weather and the resulting lower temperature, this was much appreciated I think from most of the players.

The game was contested over 18 ends has we have said, over the 4 rinks that Wolvey brought means we fought over 72 ends. The breakdown goes as follows, Jaguar scored on 36 ends and Wolvey scored on 36 ends. It will be seen below that on rink actually played 20 ends due to what appears 2 dead ends during the game. The close score on ends strongly suggests that the overall score will be close..

Rink 2 was skippered by Luke won with a score of 23/11, the Jaguar team came out of the blocks like a whippet scoring on the first 3 ends. ( should add at this point that it was decided to play the game straight off and dispense with the usual first 2 end shananigans). Splitting the game into thirds , we can see that the game was fairly close despite Jags strong start. Wolvey however lost 13 shots over the last 5 ends. This includes a big 6 right at the death.

Rink 3 was skippered by Darren Lost with a score of 14/24, the scorecard shows that the Jags never really settled into the game. A 4end run from Wolvey scoring 12 shots sealed the fate of the Captains rink. A 4 shot gain on the 14th end did give the Jags a glimmer of hope, however just reduced the deficit to 10.

Rink 4 was skippered by John B lost with a score of 11/15, this is the rink that played the 2 extra ends . After dropping a single shot on the first end, there was no score registered on the second (dead end?). Shot are evenly shared over the 6 ends see Wolvey just take a slender 4 shot lead, 11th end Jaguar score a 4 to level the game. The 12th end no score registered again ( another dead end?), this is followed by Wolvey scoring a 4and 2 next 2 ends. Jaguar score on 4 of the last 6ends , however they only register 1 shot on each of these.

Rink 5 was skippered by Derek won with a score of 17/12, the Jaguar team struck hard and fast, scoring 5 shots over first 2 ends. A further 2 singles saw the Jaguar team hold a 4 shot lead by the 6th end. Wolvey managed a 3 on the very next end and reduce the gap to just 1 shot. The Jags hit straight back with a 4 shot gain and open up their lead to 5,now we are at the halfway point and with all the scoring being shared in the second half mean Jaguar hold on.

The overall score this week was Jaguar 65 Wolvey 62. Yes with the ends being shared the game was really close indeed. The highest winning rink this week went to Rink 2 skipped by Luke, well done and good work, keep it up for next year.

Huge THANK YOU to the ladies for the meal this week, a hot meal after the weather conditions today was truly appreciated. And the ICE CREAM was mint ( LOL).                 THANK YOU to Marsha behind the bar.                                                                              Thank you to Dafydd for filling in at the 11th hour on Saturday Morning when a member pulled out, we didn’t get the message till Saturday morning from a third party.

I would like to wish everyone all the best and good health over the winter, we may have a notice soon about the winter skittles on Saturday afternoons watch this space. Good luck to everyone who intends to bowl indoors, others just put your feet up and relax.

Look forward to seeing you all on the presentation at the Jaguar Social Club at Browns Lane, ( December 7th ) details to follow.

On the road for the last time.

Yes, hello everyone. This week we visited our local rivals (friends) at the 3 Spires Bowls Club in Earlsdon. Although overcast and always a threat of rain, I am glad to say it stayed dry and fairly warm at times when the cloud broke. Thank You to Captain  Gordon and fellow members of 3 Spires for a lovely afternoon and for the warm welcome extended to the Jaguar team. There was a little confusion at the start due to our match schedule stating a 2:00pm start and 3 Spires having a 2:30pm start scheduled. Never mind at least everyone was nice and early this week.

The game was contested over 21 ends, with a single score registered on the first 2, there was a little debate whether we play 21 with 2 trial ends. However common sense prevailed and the format played was eventually agreed by the Captains. The ends score was broken down as follows, Jaguar scored on 44 ends with 3 Spires scoring on 61 ends. As can be construed from these stats, it possibly didn’t go Jaguars way today, we will see.

Rink 2 was skippered by Bill P ( a change from selection on the day agreed on the rink before play) lost with a score of 12/21, at the halfway stage the scores were level. After the imposed break (3Spires choice) the Jaguar team lost the impetus and conceded some 14 shots after the break. It was nice to see Derek and Pam back after their summer break.

Rink 3 was skippered by Darren lost with a score of 25/33, after 6ends Jags were 5 shots adrift, However they then conceded a 4 and 6 next 2 ends thus going 15 shots adrift and not at halfway yet. Last 2 ends before the break Jaguar reclaim the 6 they dropped to reduce the deficit to 9shots, After the break Jaguar scored 15 shots and 3Spires scored 14, this of course meant the Jags lost by 8 shots. The scorecard shows that the Jags won 9ends against 12 from 3Spires , after being so far behind it was the 18th end when Jaguar nearly got there and closed to within 2 shots only to concede 6 over the last 3 ends.

Rink 4 was skippered by Luke and won with a score of 25/19, on the 9th end the Jags scored a 6 to take a slight lead. Registering 8 shots over next 4 ends see Jaguar extend the lead to 9 shots, 3Spires respond with a 3 and 4 next 2ends to reduce their deficit to just 2 shots. Closing 4 ends see the Jags score 7 points , 3Spires manage just 3 and the game closes Jaguar win by 6 shots.

Rink 5 was skippered by John E lost with a score of 12/30, having a break at the halfway stage proved to have a major affect on the Jaguar team. The Jags held a slender 3 shot lead before the break and after won just 2 ends . 3Spires scored a whopping 23 shots, taking complete control of the second half and a convincing win.

Rink 6 was skippered by John B lost with a score of 16/24, at the 9th end Jaguar were just 3 shots off the lead. The next 2 ends Jaguar scored 7 shots in total, however 3Spires hit back with a total of 8 shots to reverse the Jaguar advantage. 3Spires just nick the next  4 ends leaving Jaguar 5 shots adrift, dropping a 4 on the 20th end sealed the win for our opponents.

The overall score this week was Jaguar 90 3Spires 127, Jaguar put up a fight this week but the break at the midpoint didn’t help the jags at all. Only once in the past have we experienced this format, the last being at one of the many Rugby Bowls clubs. It disrupts the momentum of the game and generally it is felt not to be repeated or recommended.

At this point I would like to thank all the ladies who helped out with the team this week.   Also Thank You to Mike and Terry who normally bowl for 3Spires, However, after trying every avenue to get a full team we were still 2 short and these guys also filled in.

I would like to thank John G for playing today, the injury he sustained at work some weeks ago is still healing and I want John to know I appreciate all his efforts despite his pain.                                                                                                                                    Also spare a few moments thought and send your well wishes to another of our bowlers, Bob W who found himself in hospital earlier today.

Apologies where due

Hello everyone it appears that I failed to mention all the hard work that several ladies put in to bake numerous cakes for the finals day. These ladies were not asked to bake cakes and did so in their own time and I can personally confirm that they were absolutely delicious. The ladies in question are Pat, Carol, Jenny, Sally and Jo these ladies are extended a HUGE THANK YOU from everyone who took part in the finals day and certainly helped to finish the day off.

Also a BIG SHOUT OUT to the ladies who also took time out of their day to provide the buffet on the day. This provided all the bowlers and friends with much needed energy, especially those who found themselves in several finals.

Once again I apologise for this oversight.


Finals Day 2018

Hello Everyone, all finalists can breathe a sigh of relief now its all over for another year. What a day all games played with respect and enjoyment, even if the result in a game didn’t go your way, at least you tried and should be proud of yourself for reaching the finals. Congratulations to all who took part and an especially BIG WELL DONE to all our winners. Some surprises throughout the day and some expected, but having said that its all down to on the day, we all have the same chance from the start.

Big THANK YOU to both competition secretaries for all their work throughout this years competitions and well done for a very successful finals day. ( a side note to the mens comp sec, hope you get better soon, Captain says we have a game next week). Thank you to all the markers on the day without whom the competitions would be difficult to run. Thank you to John and Steve Duffy for helping to set up the rinks and everyone else who helped to clear equipment away at the end. It was really nice to see the family of our sadly passed ex-captain who came down today for a little roll up, it must of been hard for them but they are always welcome and we are all friends and miss him greatly.

Mens Championship Final

John Eyles (21)v Jim Entwistle (10)

This game was contested over 20 ends, a game of 2 halves . First half Jim held a slender 3 shot lead, however the second half saw Jim win 1 end and his opponent John take full control scoring 15 shots. After winning 14 of the 20 ends John took a strangle hold on the game and it was a little one sided in the second half.                                      Congratulations John

Ladies Championship Final

Jo Vitols (13) v Chris Buchannan (22)

After scoring on 5 of the first 7ends Jo was holding a 4shot lead, Chris then rallied and replied on the next 6 ends to turn it around taking a 6 shot lead. Jo replied again with a 3 and 2 to narrow the deficit to just 2 shots. Chris answered with a 1 and 2 to extend her lead to 5shots, Jo tried hard but Chris reeled of a 1 /3/2 to take the win .                           Congratulations Chris

Mens Pairs Final 

Dafydd and Darren Pritchard (25) v Jim Entwistle and Luke Gardner (16)

Dropping 2 on the opening end the boyos reeled off 14 shots over the next 4 ends, Jim and Luke hit straight back with 8 shots over next 3 ends to narrow the gap to 4. The Boyos replied immediately scoring 6 shots over next 3 ends, Jim and Luke came again scoring on next 4 ends, but the Boyos kept their cool and saw the game out scoring on the last 3 ends. The scoring was shared after the initial burst from the young team and all the damage done at the beginning of the game. Darren commented after that “all the loses on Saturdays are worth it to win today). Some great bowling from the young man at lead helping to set up the win.                                                                                         Congratulations Dafydd and Darren

Ladies Pairs Final

Arlene Anderson and Marilyn Williams (15) v                                                           Sally Malcom and Margaret Clarson (23)

After 13ends Sally and Margaret had won 11 against Arlene and Marilyns 2. What this meant was that they had secured a 16shot lead. Arlene and Marilyn rallied scoring 9 shots over the next 3 ends to reduce the deficit to 7 shots, a great effort. Unfortunately they gave away 4 shots next 2ends thus falling further behind to 11 shots. Time was running out and not many ends left, scoring a 1 and 2 on the next 2 ends left too much to do and the game was gone.                                                                                           Congratulations Sally and Margaret

Mixed Pairs Final

John Gardner and Sally Malcolm (7) v                                                                     John Eyles and Chris Buchannan(22)

This game was always going to be tough for John and Sally, an injury in work didn’t do John any favours although he would be the last person to look for excuses. The scorecard shows that it was all one way traffic for John and Chris who didn’t drop a shot between the 3rd end and the 13th end scoring 21 shots, with John and Sally stuck on 5 for so long the 2 shots they picked up at the end was merely pride. A formidable pairing this year and it was difficult to see any other outcome, although John and Sally no doubt tried their hardest the scorecard doesn’t lie.                                                                        Congratulations John and Chris

Mens 2 Wood Final

John Eyles (17) v John Duffy (6)

When you score maximum on 6 ends of the 11 you win it doesn’t leave a lot of scores on the green for your opponent. John D scored on 6 ends in this game, but only managed single shots. If he could have some how converted a couple of maximums it may have been a different result. At the halfway point JD found himself 6 shots adrift and dropping 8 shots in the second half and collecting 3 sealed the game early due to shot difference. JD does play a tough game and even he would doff his hat to JE today.                                                                                                                                              Congratulations John Eyles

Ladies 2 Wood Final

Arlene Anderson (11) v Jenny Harris(17)

This match was scheduled for 21 ends, however Arlene just ran out of woods 2 ends from the end, thus shortening the game. At the 9th end the points were fairly even with Jenny holding a slender 1shot lead. Jenny then reeled off 8 shots over 5ends leaving Arlene stranded on 5. Arlene the scored 3 maximums on next 4 four ends to reduce the deficit but gave one back on the 19th end. Jenny did the damage in the middle of the game and took the win with 2 ends to spare.                                                                     Congratulations Jenny

Mens Handicap Final

Bill Kerrigan (19) v Darren Pritchard (21)

This was a classic all credit to Bill who never let Darren get into the game, Bill had the lead until the 19th end. Yes the 19th end, and only then did he fall 1 shot behind but soon but this right by reeling off 5 ends to score 6 shots taking a 5 shot lead. Darren was left scratching his head, how does he break this guys belief, after catching his opponent to then fall behind straight away is soul destroying. But there was a twist waiting, with Bill needing 2 for the match Darren scored 6shots over next 3 ends to take a 1 shot lead. We are now at the 27th end and Darren as only been in front twice , both with a single shot lead. The 28th end , Bill drops 3 woods as he did all game within a foot of the jack, Darren cant get the line, asking the marker Bill holding 3 for the match. Darren has a wood left and Bill has one , Darren bowls is it enough weight and line, drop 3inches from the Jack , pressure now put on Bill who bowls too tight. Darren Snatches a victory from the very jaws of defeat, and felt afterwards like he’d gone 10 rounds with a boxer.                                                                                                           Congratulations Darren

Ladies Handicap Final

Arlene Anderson (22) v Jenny Harris (15)

After 5 ends Arlene was 5 shots adrift, a strong rally from Arlene registered 9 shots to take a 4 shot lead. By the 22nd end the scores were all square and Arlene regrouped and scored 7 shots to reach 22 and seal the win. Winning 17 of the 26 ends played gave Arlene the basis for a good win over a very capable opponent. This game shows that you should never give up and who knows you luck might change.                              Congratulations Arlene

Mens Sets Final

Bill Price (1) v Ken Orton (2)

This match is played over 3 sets and the scores over 7 ends. The first was a draw both players scoring 5 shots, Bill scoring one point on last 2ends.                                             The next set was also drawn both players scoring 7 shots, again Ken holding a 2 shot lead with one end left this set . Bill scores a 2 on the last to tie this set and its a 1set shot out.                                                                                                                                The third set Ken was 1 shot up in the last end, could Bill do it again , Ken held out scoring a 3 on the final end to take the set. This game could have gone anywhere and both players were trying their best to shake each other off .



Away visit to Nuneaton

This week should have been a return match against Nuneaton, however as usual when we play Nuneaton it rains. The first game, back in the midst of time, at the start of the season was cancelled due to bad weather. Today we dodged the worst of the weather although it did rain a little during the game, rather refreshing.

Thank you to Lee and fellow members of Nuneaton for hosting a great afternoon of bowls, the green bowled well and was a pleasure to bowl on. Todays game was played over 105 ends with the break down as follows, Jaguar scored over 41 ends and Nuneaton scored over 64 ends. This isn’t going to be the Jags finest hour we can see from the ends won that Nuneaton had a strangle hold on the game. The overall score we will see later…..

Rink 1 skippered by Darren lost with a score of 15/23, the scorecard shows that up to the  8th end all was equal nobody really taking control. The 9th end saw the Jags score a 6 after a weighted bowl on the forehand sprung the jack, this gave the Jags a margin to work with. The next 5ends saw Jag score 1 and Nuneaton 9 shots, at the 16th end all was not lost and there was just 1 shot in the game. The closing 5 ends, Nuneaton scored 8shots, Jaguar could win only 1 end of the 5 and finished 8 shots adrift.

Rink 2 skippered by Luke lost with a score of 13/25, at the halfway point in this game the scorecard shows the Jags were only 3 shots off the lead. On the 12th end Nuneaton picked up a 6, Nuneaton continued to win ends in the second half, scoring single shots. These single shots do a lot of damage to the scoreboard in bowls, not the high scores but the ends ticking away and the opposition just creeping away.

Rink 3 skippered by John B lost with a score of 11/21, the scorecard shows that the Jags never really got started. After 6ends the Jags were only 4 shots down, then Nuneaton went on a 8end winning streak, again mainly single shot ends, but as we previously said it keeps the board ticking over. A late 3end flourish saw the Jags close the gap a little but just ran out of ends.

Rink 4 skippered by Ken lost with a score of 14/18, at 11 ends the scores were equal 8 shots a piece. The next 5ends see Nuneaton score 8 shots, Jaguar couldn’t respond at this time. Over the closing 5 ends Jaguar took 4 ends scoring 6shots, Nuneaton scored a 2 to seal the win by 4 shots. Ken won 10 of the 21 ends only just losing out in the scores .

Rink 5 skippered by John E lost with a score of 13/17, at 9ends the scores were all square 6each. The next 4 ends proved decisive in the game when Nuneaton scored 7 shots against Jaguars 2, this put Jaguar 5 behind. The Jags scored on 4 of the next 5 ends, registering 5 shots against 1 from Nuneaton. This puts the Jags just 1 behind with 3ends to play, Nuneaton scored 1 shot on last 3ends to take the win.

The overall score against Nuneaton was 66 Jaguar 104 Nuneaton, a convincing win for our neighbours. As can be seen from the details above we didn’t register a winning rink this week so the prize went to lowest losing rink. Gets more complicated now because 2 rinks lost by 4 shots, on count back we went to ends won. Rink 4 won 10ends and Rink 5 won 9 ends, therefore Rink 4 take the prize Congratulations to Ken and his team. Ken proving a formidable skipper and showing any new skips that you just never give up.

A BIG THANK YOU this week goes to all the members who were called on to fill up the team. We still came up short after 4 people pulled out nearer the time, I cant list all the people who helped but you know who you are. I would like at this point to say Thank you to two bowlers from Ambleside (Bernard Merrick and Peter Smith) who filled in to make numbers up.

Finals day

The competition secretaries would like to thank all members involved in the competitions this year for their support. This applies to not only the bowlers, but all the markers that have been involved during these matches.

Finals Day is on Sunday 9th all details will be posted on the noticeboards as soon as everything has been sorted out. The secretaries would like to wish the finalists all the very best and look forward to a successful day. Also remember its about enjoyment and respect and win or lose have a good game.

Thank you.

Our visit to Corley

Only a handful of games left this season and it feels like an eternity, this week we didn’t travel to far and paid a visit to Corley for a return match. The weather was really pleasant and felt really warm at times, the green bowled as well as can be expected      (the usual uphill return to clubhouse). Thank you to Captain Trevor who along with his fellow members put on a lovely afternoon of bowls.

The game this week was a bit juxta to start, one minute we are playing 5rinks ,then 4rinks, then 2 fours and 3 triples. On arrival at Corley we found the home team 2 more players short, this meant we had 32 in total. This being enough for 4 rinks of 4, and also meant the Jaguar had to oblige and lend 3 players to Corley. So the game this week was contested over 84 ends, Jaguar scored on 36 with Corley scoring on 48 ends. The overall score didn’t exactly go the Jags way either when we didn’t win a single rink.

Rink 1 skippered by John B lost with a score of 17/18, at the mid point the scores were level 8 shots a piece, by the 15th end Jaguar found themselves 6shots behind. The next 2 ends see Jaguar score a 3 and 2 to narrow the deficit to just 1, closing 4 ends points shared 3 each thus meaning losing by just 1 shot. Great effort .

Rink 2 skippered by Darren lost with a score of 15/20, the scoring was shared during the game, that is until the Jags dropped a 5 on the 17th end. Dropping this score at this late stage in the game made it really difficult to catch up. Lots of effort put into another game yet again and no result to show. The Jags won 11 ends in this game, however not being able to capitalise on single scores in these ends meant not being able to catch up.

Rink 4 skippered by Ken O lost with a score of 9/31, a slow start saw the Jags 6 shots adrift at the 5th end. By the 10th end this gap had been maintained, still 6 adrift, now Corley went on a mini charge and scored 8 shots over next 4 ends. Jaguar respond with a 3 on the 15th end and Corley come again and win the next 5 ends scoring 12shots. Two mini periods within the game is where Corley did all the damage, Corley took 16ends in this game and the result shows how dominant they were.

Rink 5 skippered by Luke lost with a score of 20/24, the end score on this rink was even , with Corley just edging it 11/10. At the mid point in the game it was honours even, (11 shots a piece). 4 ends later the Jags found themselves 6 shots behind, a big 6 shot drop on the 17th end put the pressure on the Jags who responded by winning 3 of the last 4 ends scoring 6 shots just coming up short. Close game when you look at the scorecard, the difference seems to be the 4 ends where Corley scored some 16 shots.

So this week we didn’t win a single rink as we’ve already said , therefore the normal highest winning rink prize now changes to the lowest losing rink. From the above details we can see that Rink 1 skippered by John B lost by a single point, well done to everyone on Rink 1 . The overall score was Jaguar 61 Corley 93