On the road for the last time.

Yes, hello everyone. This week we visited our local rivals (friends) at the 3 Spires Bowls Club in Earlsdon. Although overcast and always a threat of rain, I am glad to say it stayed dry and fairly warm at times when the cloud broke. Thank You to Captain  Gordon and fellow members of 3 Spires for a lovely afternoon and for the warm welcome extended to the Jaguar team. There was a little confusion at the start due to our match schedule stating a 2:00pm start and 3 Spires having a 2:30pm start scheduled. Never mind at least everyone was nice and early this week.

The game was contested over 21 ends, with a single score registered on the first 2, there was a little debate whether we play 21 with 2 trial ends. However common sense prevailed and the format played was eventually agreed by the Captains. The ends score was broken down as follows, Jaguar scored on 44 ends with 3 Spires scoring on 61 ends. As can be construed from these stats, it possibly didn’t go Jaguars way today, we will see.

Rink 2 was skippered by Bill P ( a change from selection on the day agreed on the rink before play) lost with a score of 12/21, at the halfway stage the scores were level. After the imposed break (3Spires choice) the Jaguar team lost the impetus and conceded some 14 shots after the break. It was nice to see Derek and Pam back after their summer break.

Rink 3 was skippered by Darren lost with a score of 25/33, after 6ends Jags were 5 shots adrift, However they then conceded a 4 and 6 next 2 ends thus going 15 shots adrift and not at halfway yet. Last 2 ends before the break Jaguar reclaim the 6 they dropped to reduce the deficit to 9shots, After the break Jaguar scored 15 shots and 3Spires scored 14, this of course meant the Jags lost by 8 shots. The scorecard shows that the Jags won 9ends against 12 from 3Spires , after being so far behind it was the 18th end when Jaguar nearly got there and closed to within 2 shots only to concede 6 over the last 3 ends.

Rink 4 was skippered by Luke and won with a score of 25/19, on the 9th end the Jags scored a 6 to take a slight lead. Registering 8 shots over next 4 ends see Jaguar extend the lead to 9 shots, 3Spires respond with a 3 and 4 next 2ends to reduce their deficit to just 2 shots. Closing 4 ends see the Jags score 7 points , 3Spires manage just 3 and the game closes Jaguar win by 6 shots.

Rink 5 was skippered by John E lost with a score of 12/30, having a break at the halfway stage proved to have a major affect on the Jaguar team. The Jags held a slender 3 shot lead before the break and after won just 2 ends . 3Spires scored a whopping 23 shots, taking complete control of the second half and a convincing win.

Rink 6 was skippered by John B lost with a score of 16/24, at the 9th end Jaguar were just 3 shots off the lead. The next 2 ends Jaguar scored 7 shots in total, however 3Spires hit back with a total of 8 shots to reverse the Jaguar advantage. 3Spires just nick the next  4 ends leaving Jaguar 5 shots adrift, dropping a 4 on the 20th end sealed the win for our opponents.

The overall score this week was Jaguar 90 3Spires 127, Jaguar put up a fight this week but the break at the midpoint didn’t help the jags at all. Only once in the past have we experienced this format, the last being at one of the many Rugby Bowls clubs. It disrupts the momentum of the game and generally it is felt not to be repeated or recommended.

At this point I would like to thank all the ladies who helped out with the team this week.   Also Thank You to Mike and Terry who normally bowl for 3Spires, However, after trying every avenue to get a full team we were still 2 short and these guys also filled in.

I would like to thank John G for playing today, the injury he sustained at work some weeks ago is still healing and I want John to know I appreciate all his efforts despite his pain.                                                                                                                                    Also spare a few moments thought and send your well wishes to another of our bowlers, Bob W who found himself in hospital earlier today.

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