Presentation Night 2017

Presentation Night 2017 Congratulations to all Finalists and Big Thank you to all who took part, ( players, markers and everybody who helped with presentation night).


Paul and Kate with Bill and Eileen . No hard feelings between finalists.

Steve taking a relaxing break. photo bombed by Dafydd and his grand parents.

Come on ladies cheese. Alison and Margaret

Chris and Bill (presentation duo) with Jo and John runners up in mixed pairs.

Ken, Shirley and Mick receiving runners up prize for Jim Haley Memorial. 

Chris with her trophy for ladies champion along side Jenny.

Derek receiving his trophy for handicap cup

Chris presenting 2017 Mens Champion Darren

Derek and Pam, Rob

Arlene pleased with her trophy

Bill , Chris presenting Margaret runner up in ladies handicap cup.

Chris presenting Jenny ladies two wood winner

Chris and Bill presenting John (runner up mens two wood)


Bill and Darren (pairs champions) with Chris and Bill


Jenny and Chris ladies championship finalists . Chris came out on top this time.


Chris and Luke mixed pairs champions.

Derek  with his trophy presented by Chris and Bill.

Arlene and Chris part of trio with Alistair winning the Jim Haley Memorial Trophy.