Sad News at Jaguar Bowls Club

This past week saw the passing of one of our long standing members. Not only a stalwart and friend to one and all, but an ambassador for Jaguar Bowls club. Indoor, outdoor it didn’t faze him, he always gave it 110% no matter what.

I think I can speak for everyone of the members who had the pleasure to bowl with and know Barry “Baz” Bradshaw that although he will be missed dreadfully, he will certainly never be forgotten. Baz last few years at the Jaguar club were spent as captain and he gave it everything. It wasn’t through choice on some occasions, however Baz gave it his all, you wouldn’t hear him complaining. And on the green, tough/determined just a couple of words spring to mind, if he ever bowled in his mind a duff bowl, he was the first to stick his hand up. He loved bowls, breathed bowls, some say if you cut him open either it would say bowls through him like stick of rock or he would bleed actual bowls. I think the captaincy is a sort of poisoned chalice, I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, but it does affect your bowls.

I personally have an awful lot to thank Baz for and will forever be grateful for the tutorage he extended to me. The time, effort and most of all support and patience he offered I cannot begin to quantify. The phone calls, when I answered I would say alright Baz and he would reply alright Daz . I cant get my head around the fact we worked so closely together as Captain and Vice captain and now I’ll never see him again.

RIP Barry “BAZ” Bradshaw.

All the members would like to extend their deepest sympathies at this sad time to Marilyn and the Family.

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