Second game versus Nuneaton

You wait all winter for a lovely day and a nice game of bowls and look what happens. The heavens seemed to empty all day Friday/Friday night and most of Saturday. Inevitably the game gets cancelled ( probably one of the only games where the captain didn’t have to chase people to play) and it gets cancelled. Saying that it was only to be expected as the last time we played Nuneaton we was rained off half way through.

I appreciate it was disappointing for the players not to play, however our green team      ( you know who you are guys) have done a fantastic job over a rather harsh winter and it was only right to look after the green. Someone a spoke to over that weekend said its the same at the golf club, people moan about not being allowed to play but they enjoy the greens during the summer. This is only possible due to the green team and all their efforts and not only that, the difficult decision it is to call a game off. keep up the good work guys.

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