St barbaras at home

We had 5 rinks this week for our visit of St Barbaras, the weather was a little inclement before the start, this lead to a little delay and the possibility of cancelling the game.

Shorten format due to lateness of post, ends played in total this week was 105 and the split went thus, Jaguar scored 65 ends to St Barbaras 40 ends. The overall score was 103 Jaguar against 65 St Barbaras. The highest winning rink went to Rink 1 skippered by Bill P, after weeks at lead Bill was selected as skip and consequently took the winning rink prize.

Rink 1 skippered by Bill won with a score of 23/7, a game of thirds, first 1/3 Jags scored consistently same in the final 1/3 sealing a win.

Rink 2 skippered by John B won with a score of 23/17, first half of the game saw Jags take a 6 shot lead, although the Jags won more ends in the second half St Barbaras scored more heavily on the 2ends they won.

Rink 3 skippered by Darren lost with a score of 13/19, after 9 ends the Jags were level losing the next 4 ends saw the Jags go 5 shots down. Back came the Jags to score a big 5 again levelling the scores. The next 5 ends see StBarbaras score 2 threes and 2 ones, jaguar replied with a single shot, time running out and it appeared the fight.

Rink 4 skippered John E won with a score of 20/11, halfway through the Jags held a slight lead of 6 shots, by the 17th end St Barbaras had reduced the deficit to just 3 shots. Scoring 7shots over the next 3ends saw the Jags secure the win by 9 shots.

Rink 5 skippered by Luke won with a score of 24/11, although the Jags won more ends in the first half they only had a 2 shot lead . The second half saw the Jags score on 7 ends and rack up 13 shots, St Barbaras could only manage 3 shots over this period.

The weather held off after the initial heavy rain and only showered at the end of the game, the game was played in good spirit and I believe everyone who played enjoyed themselves.

I would like to thank a young gentleman who stepped in to help and played with Mr Price, the feedback was favourable after the game with everyone praising young Tom Hingston for his efforts during the game.

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