Three Spires visit……

This week we hosted our friends from 3 spires, always a good tough encounter. The weather held off and was fairly warm and that’s an understatement. We fielded 5 rinks and still only recorded a win on 1.The green bowled well and is a credit to our green team, BIG THANK YOU from all the members. We will leave the overall score till later..

Rink 1 skipped by Luke lost with a score 20/25. The game was evenly shared with 3 spires just taking the ends with 11 . A 7 shot drop on the 6th gave the spires a nice lead, they added to this on the 11th with a 6 and was completely in control. However, the second half of the game saw Jaguar fighting back. Jaguar after the disaster on the 11th end seem to kick into life, and register a score on 7 of the last 10 ends. A 4 on the last end for the Jag brought the score a little closer.

Rink 2 skipped by Derek lost with a score of 15/19, the scorecard shows that this game was going to be close. There was nothing in the game, until around the 10th end, for 6 ends 3 spires seem to turn the screws and score 14 shots. Jaguar didn’t give up and score 7 shots over last 5 end to try and claw back, however the ends ran out .

Rink 3 skipped by John B  won with a score of 26/13, this game at the halfway stage was all square, well 3 spires had a slim 1 shot lead. After the 10th end it was a completely different story, Jaguar scored on 8 ends amassing 18 shots. 3 Spires found themselves clinging on and scored just 4 shots.

Rink 4 skipped by Darren lost with a score 32/13, when things start to go against you,  it becomes a real struggle. The scorecard doesn’t really tell the full story, yes the Jag boys dropped three 4’s and a 6. You just have to keep trying and keep positive, the scores against, well ok 3 spires put their bowls in the right places.

Rink 5 skipped by Geoff lost 19/20, the score was tight all the way throughout the game and the ends were shared as well with 3 Spires taking that by 1 also. The Jag boys were 6 down with 2 ends to play, but picked up a 4 and a 1 to close within 1. Good effort and what looks like a really enjoyable game to play in .

So overall Jaguar scored 93 and 3 Spires scored 109.                                                        John B took the highest winning rink , Well Done.                                                           We competed over 105 ends in total, Jaguar won 52 and 3 Spires won 53. So although the game was tight 3 Spires made the most of their ends.

It was nice to see Val at the game this week , its been a tough time and all our well wishes are sent to you . I’m glad the weather held out and everyone enjoyed the game and the day.

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