Wolvey At home, not just any ole game

Yes this is it everyone, the last game of the season, seems an age ago when we played the Jaguar Ladies in the first game of our season. The weather was forecast for heavy rain for the day, however the rain did fall but nothing like the predicted level. Thanks are extended to Captain Alan and fellow members from Wolvey for a enjoyable days bowling ( despite the weather) . The game was reduced to 18 ends due to the weather and the resulting lower temperature, this was much appreciated I think from most of the players.

The game was contested over 18 ends has we have said, over the 4 rinks that Wolvey brought means we fought over 72 ends. The breakdown goes as follows, Jaguar scored on 36 ends and Wolvey scored on 36 ends. It will be seen below that on rink actually played 20 ends due to what appears 2 dead ends during the game. The close score on ends strongly suggests that the overall score will be close..

Rink 2 was skippered by Luke won with a score of 23/11, the Jaguar team came out of the blocks like a whippet scoring on the first 3 ends. ( should add at this point that it was decided to play the game straight off and dispense with the usual first 2 end shananigans). Splitting the game into thirds , we can see that the game was fairly close despite Jags strong start. Wolvey however lost 13 shots over the last 5 ends. This includes a big 6 right at the death.

Rink 3 was skippered by Darren Lost with a score of 14/24, the scorecard shows that the Jags never really settled into the game. A 4end run from Wolvey scoring 12 shots sealed the fate of the Captains rink. A 4 shot gain on the 14th end did give the Jags a glimmer of hope, however just reduced the deficit to 10.

Rink 4 was skippered by John B lost with a score of 11/15, this is the rink that played the 2 extra ends . After dropping a single shot on the first end, there was no score registered on the second (dead end?). Shot are evenly shared over the 6 ends see Wolvey just take a slender 4 shot lead, 11th end Jaguar score a 4 to level the game. The 12th end no score registered again ( another dead end?), this is followed by Wolvey scoring a 4and 2 next 2 ends. Jaguar score on 4 of the last 6ends , however they only register 1 shot on each of these.

Rink 5 was skippered by Derek won with a score of 17/12, the Jaguar team struck hard and fast, scoring 5 shots over first 2 ends. A further 2 singles saw the Jaguar team hold a 4 shot lead by the 6th end. Wolvey managed a 3 on the very next end and reduce the gap to just 1 shot. The Jags hit straight back with a 4 shot gain and open up their lead to 5,now we are at the halfway point and with all the scoring being shared in the second half mean Jaguar hold on.

The overall score this week was Jaguar 65 Wolvey 62. Yes with the ends being shared the game was really close indeed. The highest winning rink this week went to Rink 2 skipped by Luke, well done and good work, keep it up for next year.

Huge THANK YOU to the ladies for the meal this week, a hot meal after the weather conditions today was truly appreciated. And the ICE CREAM was mint ( LOL).                 THANK YOU to Marsha behind the bar.                                                                              Thank you to Dafydd for filling in at the 11th hour on Saturday Morning when a member pulled out, we didn’t get the message till Saturday morning from a third party.

I would like to wish everyone all the best and good health over the winter, we may have a notice soon about the winter skittles on Saturday afternoons watch this space. Good luck to everyone who intends to bowl indoors, others just put your feet up and relax.

Look forward to seeing you all on the presentation at the Jaguar Social Club at Browns Lane, ( December 7th ) details to follow.

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  1. Thanks Darren for your weekly reports very interesting and keeps members up to date with all the games. Winter well and see you soon.

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